About Me

Isabella is Senior Journalism major at Ithaca College with a double minor in International Politics and Business administration.  She is originally from Colombia and the Dominican Republic and moved to the United States three years ago. 

Her interests include the systemic negligence of mass migrations as well as the military-industrial-media complex but is also versatile in covering an array of issues. 

Her work experience includes:

  • Interning for UN Women as a Information Design and Data Journalist.
  • Writing for The Ithacan and Buzzsaw Magazine, two in-school publications. 
  • Being an editorial intern at El País in Madrid, Spain for sections such Verne. 
  • Working in  Ithaca, New York's weekly newspaper, The Ithaca Times 
  • Being a phoner for the Ithaca College Annual fund.

For more information feel free to contact her at igrullon@ithaca.edu

Her resume is available here.



Other projects she has been a part of 

  • Journalism research project looking into pell grants for underprivileged students 
  • She was also a project manager for a website about DACA and immigration issues called: wearetheamericandream.org